jim fruchterman: rocket scientist, social entrepreneur, macarthur fellow


Tools of Change Conference

Keynote Presentation: Making the Book Truly Accessible,” February 2011, New York, NY

There are ten or twenty times more people interested in accessibility features than think of themselves as disabled and publishers have a tremendous opportunity to build a market model that will tap this sizeable market. This keynote covered the technology and rights issues publishers should understand to build in accessibility from the inception of a project and discuss why “heavy-handed” technical protection measures are not helping.

CSUN Conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities

Keynote Presentation: “Raising the Floor: How to Get Every Person on the Planet Access to the Assistive Technology They Need,” March 2008

This keynote presentation covers the founding of Benetech and Jim’s vision for a “Raising the Floor” movement that would deliver access to technology and content to every person with a disability on the planet.

NCTI Technology Innovators Conference

Keynote Presentation, 2007, Washington, DC.

Jim Fruchterman's model for Benetech, a leading solution representing socially motivated technology applications, is a visionary example of leveraging the power of the social network to enhance lives. As a leading social entrepreneur and technology developer, Jim highlighted his experiences in creating ground-breaking solutions that allow all individuals to achieve equality in society.

Video of Talk at Google

This talk was rated one of the top talks of the year by Google Research. I give similar talks at least ten times a year.


Social Enterprise Summit

Keynote Presentation: “Not Business as Usual,” April 2010, New Orleans, LA

Jim discusses how the challenges of today’s world can be addressed through a new approach that puts social issues foremost. His talk focuses on how social enterprises can deliver better results for far more people than standard charities, businesses, or governments operating alone.


Clinton Global Initiative 2007

Angelina Jolie et al. I frequently take photos at the conferences I get to attend. This link leads to the set I took at CGI 2007.

Jim Photos

Here are some pictures of me.